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You can get the best hardware, the best software, travel the world with the most reliable machines, and learn everything there is about computers – only to lose it in a second. One thing every digital nomad needs is an automated backup system that automatically creates, updates, and stores backups somewhere other than your laptop.

Setting up backups is easy and most of the relatively minor configuration work is upfront. Mostly it consists of telling the software what to backup, how often, and to where. Remember not to only keep local backups (i.e. backing up your laptop data to the same laptop) because if you drop that laptop at the airport and destroy your hard drive, all of the backing up in the world won’t save your data.

Hard Drive Backups

melted computerStore up to 2GB for free with Mozy. This program lets you choose the files you want backed up and it does the rest. Mozy then backups your files in real-time (as you update and save them), encrypts them so they’re secure, and then keeps them at their safe datacenters around the US.

For an additional $4.95 per month you get unlimited storage so you can backup your entire hard drive and restore your entire laptop if yours ever gets destroyed, or simply when you get a new one.

WordPress Backups

WordPress versions 2.8 and above come with a backup feature that you can use to store and restore your posts and comments if they ever get corrupted. WordPress backups aren’t enabled by default, but you can get you can get to them by logging into WordPress then clicking Tools > Backups.

You’ll be able to download, email, and store backups on your hosting server, automate the process, and almost instantly restore your website or blog if they ever get lost.

If you’re not using WordPress 2.8 or above (which you really should be), you can get the same functions by downloading the WP DB-Backup plugin directly.

cd backups wet hard drive stack of backup cds

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