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Set up a profile to show off your skills to potential customers on The website is a great resource for digital nomads who want to advertise their services to a large number of possible clients. eLance also lets you find free lancers to hire. Both services are completely free and setting up a profile takes only minutes.

eLance lets you put all of the things you can do in your profile along with keywords and quotes for your hourly rates. You can set hourly rates differently for different tasks and monitor interest in your account as well. eLance will also help you figure out what you should charge based on the type of work and what others in the same field are asking.

eLance isn’t only for writers and has categories for a large number of services like programming, finance management, and marketing. eLance has been covered by ABC News, Business Week, and CNN Money, and its user base has really taken off over the last year.

eLance is another way to become a more versitle digital nomad and advertise to more people who can find you as well, no matter where in the world you are traveling.

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