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New Macbook Pro Keyboard

Along with the other impressive changes and upgrades that have been made to the new MacBook Pro models, Apple has also come out with new and improved keyboards on the popular laptop line. Previously, the keys on the MacBook Pro were side by side, and typically, keys on a laptop keyboard are a bit close together. The designers at Apple found a sleep solution to this problem, and the new keys are spaced out (as they are on the older MacBook versions) with a convenient backlight. The seemingly new layout for MacBook Pros was previously tested on the MacBook Air and, because of its functionality and popularity, made the transition to the MacBook Pro.

The backlight on the new keyboards is convenient, especially for digital nomads looking to work into the wee hours of the night without much light. You’ll be able to work away and be less disturbing to others since you won’t have to turn on the lights.

macbook keyboardsThe laptops have full sized backlit keyboards with 12 function keys and 4 arrows keys, and ambient light sensors to make things even more convenient. The multi-touch trackpad is also more versatile than ever, allowing users to pinch, rotate, swipe, drag and more.

Included in the new line of MacBook Pros are your choice of the 13-inch, 15-inch, or 17-inch screens– the screen size being the most noticeable difference in the line. Along with the bigger screens come more memory, but keep in mind this means a higher price tag.

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