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Digital Nomad Tools

You can’t be a digital nomad without the proper electronics. The first place you’ll need to start is identifying the essential tools for the primary operations of your portable office.

You can break what you’ll need into 3 major categories to accomplish 4 primary functions that any office, portable or otherwise, needs to maintain.

macbook pro keyboard

Basic Digital Nomad Tools

Aside from the obvious, a laptop, you’ll need equipment in these broad categories.

  • Hardware – This includes a laptop, telephony device (a cell phone to meet your needs), and portable devices.
  • Software – Programs that are (usually) free to get you connected, keep you secure, working, and backed up just in case.
  • Traveling supplies – Often overlooked but things like a good backpack, laptop lock, and small digital camera among others.

Digital Nomad Functions

To become a digital nomad there are some key things you need to focus on whenever you set up at a new location.

  • Connectivity – Finding a good wireless connection should be at the top of your list.
  • Power – You’ll often need to convert whatever electricity is available to you to get your devices running.
  • Start working – Organize your programs so you can quickly get to work.
  • Backup – What do you do when your hardware or software fails?

digital nomad tools looking through a laptop wireless antenna

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