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Virtual Machines

One of the best tools to have on your laptop is virtual machine software. Virtual machines are fully functional computer systems that run within your existing computer. So, for example you can run Windows XP in a separate window within your Windows Vista laptop. What this does is keep your own operating system, programs, and data safe from corruption, deletion, and viruses; because whatever happens within the virtual machine doesn’t have any effect on your local system.

Have some new video software to try, want to run Windows Vista on your Macbook Pro, or curious about Linux? A virtual machine can help you do that and more. There are several free and a couple of low cost virtual machine programs available. Each have their advantages and faults and we’ll explain the basics of each on for you.

The two free programs are Windows Virtual PC and VMware. Parallels for Macs run about ~$80 and Boot Camp comes with the Mac OS X Leopard (and soon to be Snow Leopard) operating systems. The only additional costs you’ll have are for the operating systems themselves. While almost all Linux distributions are free, figure paying about $100 and up for Windows operating systems.

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