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Boot Camp

boot camp tent in russiaBoot Camp comes free with all versions of the Mac OSX Leopard operating system and will with the upcoming Mac OSX Snow Leopard system to be released soon. While Boot Camp isn’t really true virtual machine software it gives you the full resources of your computer hardware for any additional virtual machines you install.

Boot Camp lets you install Windows and boot your laptop up as either Windows or Mac. Since you can’t run them at the same time (as you can with Parallels for example) it’s not a true virtual machine state. In a typical virtual machine setup, your computer divides up its resources between both machines but in Boot Camp each machine runs by itself so each gets 100% of your computer’s attention.

To switch between the Boot Camp machines, your Mac and Windows, you need to shutdown and restart which can be time consuming. Boot Camp is best for those Mac users who don’t need to use Windows often and have the Mac version of theĀ  Microsoft software (like Office) they use the most.

Boot Camp is free and fairly easy to set up. We’d recommend using Boot Camp for any resource intensive Windows programs you might need to run, like Photoshop or AutoCAD.

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